Polio – the forgotten disease

Scotland and the UK are far behind many other countries in terms of the recognition of the Late effects of Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome and their clinical management.  

SPPN does not have the resources to create the kind of information bank we would like to provide, usually found on a website.   However, we can signpost to sites from elsewhere, where the information is more comprehensive.

We acknowledge that the data on these sites is in most cases universal and advice on understanding POLIO and PPS, applies across the board.

Where possible, we will fill in the blanks from a Scottish perspective.  Obviously, feedback from members offering useful resources and information will be invaluable and we encourage members to forward such to us using the online contact form.

We will highlight good practice, and lobby for the upgrading of services across the country.

The wheel is still round, so there is no need to reinvent it and we are pleased to recommend other people’s resources for the benefit of polio survivors in Scotland. 

There is a wealth of information and guidance on the following sites.