The Scottish Post Polio Network

Our Mission:

To ensure all Polio survivors in Scotland have access to appropriate Health and Social Care: and the support to maintain independence and live their lives in dignity.

Our Strategic Goals are:
  • To continue to raise awareness: and provide information on the Late Effects of Polio and Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) to Polio Survivors their families and carers, and the community at large about the late effects of polio and PPS.
  • To ensure that statutory agencies and the medical and social care professionals who are likely to be involved in meeting the Health and Social care needs of Polio survivors, have access to information about Polio and PPS to improve the diagnosis and management of the late effects of Polio and PPS
  • To campaign for the improvement of relevant services and resources across Scotland, so as to meet the needs of polio survivors and to continue to act for change and improvement in those area of the NHS, which are not currently meeting the needs of Polio survivors
  • To engage collaboratively with all relevant agencies to meet the needs of polio survivors in the context of the new Health and Social Care standards and advise government on policy development and programmes in relation to the Late Effects of Polio and PPS 
  • To campaign for the creation of a specialist facility in Scotland for the diagnosis, treatment and management of the needs of Polio survivors.

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